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About Our Company

We believe the best things in life come in the smallest of packages, and that is true at UVZ!

We may not be a corporate giant, but our tight-knit team delivers the BEST of the best to each and every client we partner with.


We Value Relationships!

We've already said it once, but we'll say it again. At UVZ we value building a real long-term relationship. So you're not just our client and it's not just you who cares.


We only work with businesses we truly feel we relate to. We'll never try close you, we'll not even push you for a sale. If it makes sense, then and ONLY then. Will we work together. 

6+ Years of experience

Our team is proudly comprised of various market experts, with experience leading back 6+ years.

No one size fits all approach here!



Our founder Yuvraj, started this agency with the goal of changing the agency experience for business owners everywhere.


For far too long, we have heard of business owners taking a sting for working with an agency or a complacent marketing department, that at the end of the day; did not deliver on what they promised or did the bare minimum. Sound familiar? We can relate.


We were tired of the industry standard of being fake, dishonest, and not managing expectations realistically. This is what AKM was born to be. A business that focused on three essential things:


1) Cared for the clients we worked with


2) Had the upmost transparent relationship to sustain and overcome the inevitable difficulties that come in business.


3) And lastly, really focused on bringing what mattered - revenue.


When it comes to the world of advertising, we understand best that it is now crucial to have an effective, clear and functioning strategy. We also know that there is no point in just throwing more money to get more results.


Sadly, this is what most agencies tend to do, and is a cycle we are breaking.


Yuvraj has always understood that every business is different and a personalised approach is the only one that should be taken when working with you.


We start by studying & analysing your business to the core, from its current sales & marketing processes to its indoctrination methods. From there, we fix what needs to be fixed and start driving high-quality traffic to ensure your goals are met in a realistic and tangible way. No fluff and no time-wasting involved.





We're not looking for a quick month or two of work to keep us alive. At UVZ we only work with businesses that we see long term potential with. 

We prioritise building meaningful relationships. You're not just our client, you're our partner! And the closer we can work together, the better results we can achieve.

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