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Step 6 of the UVZ Media Onboarding Process

In this step you'll be uploading all of the images, video & brand assets that you have for your business. These will be kept in the same google drive folder and we'll be using these on your social media platforms.

Go ahead and gather all of the images, videos and brand assets e.g logos, banners, graphics etc... and upload them into the shared folder linked below.


Please sort them as you think is easiest to navigate.

Click here for the link to the shared creatives folder


Next Steps:


That is the onboarding process complete, so please look over what you've given us incase there's anything you want to add. 


Next step is to send us a message on Slack, your email should have already been sent an invite. So accept that invite and send a quick introduction message in your channel to let us know you are done with the process. 

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