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How Often Should You Post on Instagram Every Week?

How often should you post to Instagram every week? 

It’s a question that elicits a lot of opinions from social media managers, creators, and solopreneurs alike. 

So, as a leading social media management platform, we took matters (AKA data!) into our own hands and analyzed over 19M Instagram feed posts and 32K Instagram Stories to determine the average posting cadence.

Here’s what we found. 

Does Posting Frequency on Instagram Really Matter? 

Short answer: yes. 

While “consistency” is the buzzword du jour, being consistent on Instagram is a great way to grow on the app. 

“The more consistent you are, the more your community will get to know you — which in turn builds trust and gives them a reason to engage with your content,” says Later’s Social Media Manager, Christine Colling.

That said, it has to be manageable.

“Set your own pace and create a reasonable content calendar — it doesn't have to mean posting every single day,” adds Christine. 

Our advice? While posting consistently matters, it's more important to:

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Data Analysis — Key Takeaways:

  • As accounts gain followers, they begin to post more — likely due to:

  • Increased interest in their content

  • More resources and the ability to outsource work

  • Rather than posting multiple times a day, there's been a shift towards "quality over quantity" — likely due to conversations around social media burnout

  • Take these numbers with a grain of salt — posting frequency can change depending on seasonality (aka posting more in spring), a campaign or launch, and after analyzing content performance

How Often Should You Post Instagram Stories in 2024?

After analyzing over 32K Instagram Stories from January 1, 2023 to October 1, 2023, we found that users with:

  • Nano accounts (0-10K followers) post an average of 3 Instagram Stories per week 

  • Micro accounts (10K-100K followers) post an average of 4 Instagram Stories per week 

  • Mid accounts (100K-500K followers) post an average of 15 Instagram Stories per week Data Analysis — Key Takeaways:

  • Accounts post more Story than feed content — a trend acknowledged by Instagram's CEO, which has led to the app rolling out new features like Close Friends for feed posts

  • There isn't much difference between Nano and Micro posting cadence — pointing to a potential "slow and steady" approach as they get into the habit of posting consistently

  • Once an account passes 100K followers, there's a drastic increase in Instagram Story content. We hypothesize this happens for a few reasons:

  • Doubling-down on community-building

  • More efforts to drive clicks via the link sticker

  • More resources and bandwidth 

So, How Often Should You Really Post a Week on Instagram in 2024?

If you're starting a new account, posting a few feed posts and Stories a week is always a good idea.

And as you get more followers, consider increasing your posting cadence (and resources!) to keep your community engaged.

But most importantly, try not to get too caught up in the numbers — creating quality content trumps quantity. 

Instead, use this data as a starting point to gather insights and experiment with your own account to find what works best. 

ICYMI: With Later’s Instagram scheduling tools, you can schedule all of your Instagram content in advance — hello, timesaver!

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